Excercise 1: Communication & Wireless Technology

1.What is Mobile Communications system and give 3 examples of it?

2.What is Wired and Wireless Communication? Give example each?

3.What is the difference between 4G (Fourth Generation) and 5G (Fifth Generation) Networks in terms of Switching, Data Rate and Technology? 

4.Compare and contrast Analog signal and Digital Signal

5.What is the wavelength (cm) of an electromagnetic wave with Frequency 5THz?

6.Discuss the Occupational health hazards of GSM  system

7.Explain the need for Wireless Mobile communication           

8.How can you integrate mobile and wireless users to the Internet (Data Network) and to the PSTN (Voice Network)    

9.Explain why NCA is migrating from Analogue to Digital Transmission

10.Wireless networks in comparison to fixed networks.

11.What is a fixed telephone?

12.What are the underlying problems that led to the evolution of 2G radio systems?

13.List any five (5) requirements of a 4G system

14.What is an Electromagnetic wave?

15.What are the characteristics of a wave? Derive the relationship between them.

16.Wireless networks in comparison to fixed networks

17.Prove that, the higher the energy photons of electromagnetic wave the shorter the distance it covers.

18.State why the First Generation (1G) Cellular systems could not perform roaming functions.

19.Explain with well labeled drawing the Basic components in Wireless communication systems.

20.With explanation, Is there any difference between Radio Wave and Copper and Fiber Waves?