Billionaire God of War (Chinese Novel) - Full Book (PDF)

If you are interested in "Billionaire God of War" Chinese novel, I have made a PDF compilation you can download or read online Courtesy of Novel Hood. The novel is about the protagonist of the novel Jiang Ning Lin Yuzhen. Fifteen years ago, he was abandoned by a wealthy family and lived on the street. A little girl gave him her candy. Fifteen years later, he is the No. 1 God of War in the East, unparalleled in power and wealth!

The attachments are quite heavy and may take a while to load if you are reading online. If you prefer to read the original Chinese book, the translation link is https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=zh-CN&u=http://www.kanshu8.net/book/26973/&prev=search&pto=aue

Check below for attachments:

  Billionaire God of War (BGOW) Bravo Novel Chapter 001-110.pdf (40303Kb)
  Billionaire God of War (BGOW) Bravo Novel Chapter 111-200.pdf (24090Kb)
  Billionaire God of War (BGOW) Bravo Novel Chapter 405-507.pdf (13186Kb)
  Billionaire God of War (BGOW) Bravo Novel Chapter 508-604.pdf (33314Kb)
  Billionaire God of War (BGOW) Bravo Novel Chapter 306-404.pdf (11481Kb)
  Billionaire God of War (BGOW) Bravo Novel Chapter 201-305.pdf (21556Kb)
  Billionaire God of War (BGOW) Bravo Novel Chapter 605-700.pdf (40279Kb)
  BGOW 783-784.pdf (900Kb)
  BGOW 781-782.pdf (920Kb)
  BGOW 751-780.pdf (13932Kb)
  BGOW 749-750.pdf (1008Kb)
  BGOW 747-748.pdf (950Kb)
  BGOW 736-742.pdf (4160Kb)
  BGOW 721-725.pdf (2938Kb)
  BGOW 731-735.pdf (2978Kb)
  BGOW 711-715.pdf (2761Kb)
  BGOW 716-720.pdf (2689Kb)
  BGOW 701-702.pdf (1875Kb)
  BGOW 703-710.pdf (8563Kb)
  BGOW_743-744.pdf (1484Kb)
  BGOW_745-746.pdf (758Kb)
  BGOW 819-824.pdf (2831Kb)
  BGOW 726-730.pdf (2798Kb)
  BGOW 747-748.pdf (950Kb)
  BGOW 749-750.pdf (1008Kb)
  BGOW 781-782.pdf (920Kb)
  BGOW 751-780.pdf (13932Kb)
  BGOW 785-788.pdf (1166Kb)
  BGOW 783-784.pdf (900Kb)
  BGOW 789-800.pdf (5707Kb)
  BGOW 801-818.pdf (8811Kb)
  BGOW_825-834.pdf (13218Kb)
  BGOW_835-844.pdf (4036Kb)
  BGOW 845-848.pdf (3317Kb)
  BGOW 849-880.pdf (22291Kb)
  BGOW_911-920.pdf (9450Kb)
  BGOW_921-922.pdf (2779Kb)
  BGOW_923-924.pdf (3768Kb)
  BGOW_891-910.pdf (19673Kb)
  BGOW_887-888.pdf (1845Kb)
  BGOW_889-890.pdf (2795Kb)
  BGOW_885-886.pdf (4610Kb)
  BGOW_881-882.pdf (1264Kb)
  BGOW_883-884.pdf (1262Kb)
  BGOW_931-932.pdf (2530Kb)
  BGOW_933-934.pdf (2678Kb)
  BGOW_963-964.pdf (1101Kb)
  BGOW_929-930.pdf (2687Kb)
  BGOW_927-928.pdf (2744Kb)
  BGOW_925-926.pdf (2805Kb)
  BGOW_935-962.pdf (22897Kb)
  BGOW_973-974.pdf (2292Kb)
  BGOW_975-976.pdf (2450Kb)
  BGOW_977-1014.pdf (20867Kb)
  BGOW_969-970.pdf (2418Kb)
  BGOW_971-972.pdf (2432Kb)
  BGOW_965-966.pdf (2409Kb)
  BGOW_967-968.pdf (2428Kb)
  BGOW_1059-1060.pdf (2667Kb)
  BGOW_1057-1058.pdf (2317Kb)
  BGOW_1019-1020.pdf (2729Kb)
  BGOW_1021-1022.pdf (2605Kb)
  BGOW_1023-1024.pdf (2720Kb)
  BGOW_1025-1026.pdf (2531Kb)
  BGOW_1027-1056.pdf (27941Kb)
  BGOW_1017-1018.pdf (2628Kb)
  BGOW_1015-1016.pdf (2481Kb)
  BGOW_1063-1064.pdf (2677Kb)
  BGOW_1061-1062.pdf (938Kb)
  BGOW_1065-1066.pdf (1779Kb)
  BGOW_1079-1080.pdf (2301Kb)
  BGOW_1067-1068.pdf (1588Kb)
  BGOW_1069-1078.pdf (9905Kb)
  BGOW_1081-1082.pdf (2491Kb)
  BGOW_1083-1084.pdf (2600Kb)
  BGOW_1085-1086.pdf (2375Kb)
  BGOW_1087-1088.pdf (1680Kb)
  BGOW_1089-1090.pdf (2343Kb)
  BGOW_1091-1120.pdf (27375Kb)
  BGOW_1121-1122.pdf (2325Kb)
  BGOW_1123-1124.pdf (2286Kb)
  BGOW_1125-1126.pdf (2365Kb)
  BGOW_1127-1128.pdf (1127Kb)
  BGOW_1129-1130.pdf (1137Kb)
  BGOW_1131-1132.pdf (1113Kb)
  BGOW_1133-1134.pdf (1226Kb)
  BGOW_1135-1164.pdf (18000Kb)
  BGOW_1165-1166.pdf (5089Kb)
  BGOW_1167-1168.pdf (1133Kb)
  BGOW_1169-1170.pdf (1159Kb)
  BGOW_1171-1172.pdf (1146Kb)
  BGOW_1173-1174.pdf (1254Kb)
  BGOW_1175-1204.pdf (27678Kb)
  BGOW_1205-1210.pdf (16076Kb)
  BGOW_1211-1212.pdf (5050Kb)
  BGOW_1213-1214.pdf (4818Kb)
  BGOW_1215-1216.pdf (650Kb)
  BGOW_1217-1218.pdf (4882Kb)
  BGOW_1219-1220.pdf (4858Kb)
  BGOW_1221-1222.pdf (4919Kb)
  BGOW_1223-1224.pdf (1111Kb)
  BGOW_1225-1226.pdf (5135Kb)
  BGOW_1227-1228.pdf (4770Kb)
  BGOW_1229-1230.pdf (4663Kb)
  BGOW_1231-1232.pdf (5309Kb)
  BGOW_1233-1234.pdf (4717Kb)
  BGOW_1235-1236.pdf (4841Kb)
  BGOW_1237.pdf (2217Kb)
  BGOW_1238-1239.pdf (1562Kb)
  BGOW_1240-1241.pdf (2426Kb)
  BGOW_1276-1277.pdf (4792Kb)
  BGOW_1242-1243.pdf (4958Kb)
  BGOW_1244-1245.pdf (4856Kb)
  BGOW_1246.pdf (639Kb)
  BGOW_1247-1273.pdf (15772Kb)
  BGOW_1274-1275.pdf (4701Kb)
  BGOW_1276-1277.pdf (4792Kb)
  BGOW_1278-1279.pdf (2446Kb)
  BGOW_1280-1281.pdf (573Kb)
  BGOW_1282-1283.pdf (2334Kb)
  BGOW_1284-1293.pdf (3216Kb)
  BGOW_1294-1295.pdf (2762Kb)
  BGOW_1296-1297.pdf (2705Kb)
  BGOW_1298-1299.pdf (2541Kb)
  BGOW_1300-1301.pdf (2708Kb)
  BGOW_1302-1303.pdf (2629Kb)
  BGOW_1304-1305.pdf (1851Kb)
  BGOW_1306-1335.pdf (10717Kb)
  BGOW_1336-1337.pdf (710Kb)
  BGOW_1338-1339.pdf (2750Kb)
  BGOW_1340-1341.pdf (2790Kb)
  BGOW_1342-1343.pdf (2689Kb)
  BGOW_1344-1345.pdf (598Kb)
  BGOW_1346-1347.pdf (2491Kb)
  BGOW_1348-1349.pdf (2686Kb)
  BGOW_1350-1351.pdf (2673Kb)
  BGOW_1352-1353.pdf (2262Kb)
  BGOW_1354-1403.pdf (28968Kb)
  BGOW_1404-1405.pdf (2606Kb)
  BGOW_1406-1407.pdf (2523Kb)
  BGOW_1408-1409.pdf (2263Kb)
  BGOW_1410-1429.pdf (19339Kb)
  BGOW_1430-1431.pdf (2666Kb)
  BGOW_1432-1433.pdf (2765Kb)
  BGOW_1434-1435.pdf (2447Kb)
  BGOW_1436-1437.pdf (2333Kb)
  BGOW_1438-1439.pdf (2427Kb)
  BGOW_1440-1441.pdf (2378Kb)
  BGOW_1442-1471.pdf (26087Kb)
  BGOW_1472-1473.pdf (1188Kb)
  BGOW_1474-1475.pdf (2380Kb)
  BGOW_1476-1477.pdf (1693Kb)
  BGOW_1478-1479.pdf (1672Kb)
  BGOW_1480-1481.pdf (2618Kb)
  BGOW_1482-1483.pdf (2595Kb)
  BGOW_1484-1523.pdf (38376Kb)
  BGOW_1524-1525.pdf (1866Kb)
  BGOW_1526-1527.pdf (2536Kb)
  BGOW_1528-1529.pdf (2639Kb)
  BGOW_1530-1531.pdf (2682Kb)
  BGOW_1532-1533.pdf (2766Kb)
  BGOW_1534-1535.pdf (2309Kb)
  BGOW_1536-1575.pdf (34053Kb)
  BGOW_1576-1577.pdf (2636Kb)
  BGOW_1578-1579.pdf (2576Kb)
  BGOW_1580-1581.pdf (2700Kb)
  BGOW_1582-1583.pdf (2391Kb)
  BGOW_1584-1585.pdf (2550Kb)
  BGOW_1586-1645.pdf (51074Kb)
  BGOW_1646-1647.pdf (1840Kb)
  BGOW_1648-1649.pdf (1668Kb)
  BGOW_1650-1651.pdf (1851Kb)
  BGOW_1652-1653.pdf (1652Kb)
  BGOW_1654-1655.pdf (1750Kb)
  BGOW_1656-1657.pdf (2530Kb)
  BGOW_1658-1659.pdf (2734Kb)
  BGOW_1660-1709.pdf (28036Kb)
  BGOW_1710-1711.pdf (1656Kb)
  BGOW_1712-1713.pdf (2625Kb)