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eobasi Sep 29 '18

Rule 1: Show respect for others - there will be no name calling, bullying, aggressive threatening behavior, or flaming on this forum.

Rule 2: Repeated Abusive Behavior - abusive behavior will get you a warning, repeated abusive behavior towards other users will not be tolerated and will lead to action up to and including being banned from the Forum. If you have an issue then discuss that issue, however constantly ranting about how you don't like our system in a way that (at our discretion) solves nothing and is derogatory to potential users will not be tolerated.

Rule 3: No Affiliate Links or Banners - Do not post affiliate banners or links to other sites to generate income. These will be removed and are not allowed.

Rule 4: Use the International Section - If you cannot post in english then please use the international section provided in the Forum.

Rule 5: Respect our Leaders - the leaders in this Forum are Leaders for a reason, please show them the respect they deserve always.

Rule 6: Volunteers - our volunteers on this Forum give of their free time to try to assist you, please be respectful of that. Volunteers are under no obligation to assist you if you get verbally abusive with them.

Rule 7: Profanity - The use of profanity and vile language will not be tolerated.

Rule 8: One Topic Per Issue - Please only post one topic per issue. If you have several issues then post several topics.

Rule 11: If you have an adult content and you need to share an image during the support process please warn other users that it may not be safe for work. Some of our volunteers are at work and you put them at risk when you do not warn them that the material is of adult nature and Not Safe For Work (NSFW).

Violations of the above rules (at our discretion) can lead up to and including being banned from the Forum. This will include any and all other names that you should attempt to connect with in the future

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